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On January 4, 2017, our son Harry arrived early. Our perfect world was turned upside down our son Harry, had a TE-fistula (Tracheoesophageal atresia & fistula). That means Harry’s esophagus was attached to his windpipe & not his stomach. Our little nugget needed surgery & all I was thinking was “it’s not supposed to be like this.” We needed a superhero to fix our son; Dr. K. Bergman was our superhero!

Over the course of the next few months, we were on a roller coaster ride with lots of terrifying & amazing moments. The NICU is an incredibly special place, the doctors & nurses are what make things different than any other place in a hospital. The staff was always juggling a lot of babies but always took the time to hear our concerns. Most NICU parents are like a deer in headlights, and we were no different.

However, we received a lot of comfort in knowing who was taking care of our son. After lots of love & therapy, Harry can now enjoy food without issues. He is our miracle & we love watching him grow & see his personality develop. He is a character & we are blessed to be his parents. My job as a mom is challenging & rewarding.

This is my story as a mom and the inspiration behind “Harry’s Mama’s Faves”

As a first-time mom it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the baby gadgets that claimed to make life easier with a newborn. After some trial & error, I found gadgets that made a difference for me. I began packaging these items up as gifts for family & friends. I incorporated making body butters & sugar scrubs into my custom gifts to allow people to escape from the world with some yummy smelling products. This is my story as mom & the inspiration behind “Harry’s Mamas Faves.” It is my hope to create goods that reflect the love I have for my family.

I am so proud of how much I have learned by starting my own business. I am a mom, a wife and a sister who wants to teach my son to not be greedy with anything, especially our environment. My mission is to continue creating products that have little or no waste. By creating high quality products that people need and want, not just want. I want to do my part, so I am using refillable or reusable packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint. We are reducing the use of single-use plastic so we can make an impact on saving our environment. We have changed our manufacturing to help reduce the amount of waste that my company is creating. I want to do the right thing to help sustain my son’s future.

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